Let's reach hundreds of thousands of people.

Bot-O-Comment is a unique high-engagement Facebook autoresponder bot that automatically responds to Facebook comments. Our bot personalizes Facebook comments in many ways to leverage Facebook interaction and to reach hundreds of thousands of people.

Our product

Easy To Use

We take care of everything. We translate your suggestions into a high-quality bot that's ready to use.

Engagement Boost

With a Bot-O-Comment autoresponder we are able to boost your engagement stats by up to >400%

Interact with your audience

Companies want to reach their audience in an original way. Give all your fans a personal feeling with our autoresponder.

Multiple bots

Our software can run multiple bots at the same time on your facebook page.


We keep you updated in realtime about the stats of your bot. The notifications are easily customizable.

Overall page boost

Our clients noticed an overall boost of their page insights during the runtime of our robot.

Try our robot yourself!

Unfortunately it is only possible to comment on the Facebook platform itself. You will be redirected.

Bot-O-Comment animation.

Awesome Dashboard

Your stats

You get a detailed insight into data generated by your autoresponder bot.

Multiple users

Want to give someone else access to your insights? Multiple users can use the dashboard simultaneously.


With the dashboard you are able to easily export collected data to multiple types of documents.

Example image of the Bot-O-Comment dashboard.

Meet our founder

A picture of Louis Mylle.

Louis Mylle

CEO & Founder

Louis takes care of developing software and building/maintaining infrastructure and much more at Bot-O-Comment.



  • 1 language supported*
  • 1 response template±
  • No dashboard
  • No CRM export


  • 2 languages supported*
  • 5 response templates±
  • 1 dashboard user
  • Limited CRM export


  • Multi-language support*
  • Multiple response templates±
  • Multiple dashboard users
  • Extended CRM export

* the number of languages the bot is able to detect and is able to respond in.
± the number of different comments the bot is able to comment on a reaction.

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